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Tree Removal​

There are a number of reasons required for the removal of trees, such as; fungal disease, heavy decay, obstruction to buildings, root damage to underground services, storm damage, the development of land space due to an increase of population and many more individual and unique circumstances.

Process of tree removal

Tree removal usually consists of 3 to 5 men crew, 1 or 2 tree climbers 2to 3 grounds man for the role of chipping and clean up. We have a truck, chipper, chains saws, ropes, and climbing harness-on premises at all times.

Equipment size can vary depending on the company. 8t truck and 3.5 tone chipper. Frequently asked question will your equipment damage my drive way, pavers, or mark my lawn .

In most cases your drive ways and paver will not be damaged unless they are already partly damaged or quite old and brittle. In this situation we could always park on road side.

Tyre mark are quite often left on lawns due to soft nature of the grass and soil especially in the wet season, so please advise of one of our staff if you don’t want us to drive on the grass. Will find an alternative way.

All small trees will be cut at ground, unless stump grinding required as part of the quote

If it’s a large tree and felling wasn’t an option, The next process would be, a tree climber would excess the tree with harness and rope.

And last process is when the climber dismantles the tree in a safe manor again with ropes and pullies.

Grounds man will mulch the tree branches on site clean up and take away.

We will clean up your Property to best of our ability .

Tree Removal Cost

Cost to remove trees has quite a few factors to consider.

Time involved,-number man power –size of the tree and many other factors:

  • distance to the chipper where the grounds man to carry the branches to chip.
  • machinery involved E.G Stump grinder, cherry picker, crane, bob cat, tree braising or extremely technical tree work.