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Stump Grinding / Removal / Root Removal

Usually it’s done on commercial site with heavier machinery either a bob cat or an excavator.

Tree Pests and Diseases

A healthy tree not only enhances our urban landscape but can self-prevent secondary pests and diseases from becoming a problem in the future.

Neighbourhood Tree Disputes

We provide a full hedge shaping, trimming or cutting service to your property and improve its value.

Hedge Cutting Trimming

We provide a full hedge shaping, trimming or cutting service to your property and improve its value.

Arborist Reports

At Razor Blade Tree Specialists our qualified arborist will assist you in providing a comprehensive report on the age, species and health status of your nominated trees.

Palm Removal

Have a similar process to tree removal but has certain specific difficulties and additional costs associated with it.

Other Services Offered:

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning operations which have a certain purpose and desired outcome in tree maintenance operations and may be the answer to many of your questions and problems.

Bayside City Council Permits

Permits and requirement for tree removal Bayside city council. You may need to apply for a Local Law permit if the tree doesn’t fall into the above situations.

Bamboo Removal

Our state-of-the-art stump grinder is ideally suited to grind the Bamboo roots to prevent regrowth.

Mulching / Mulch Supply

This service includes the supply of a truck and chipper and up to three qualified staff members to complete the mulching job.

Tree Health Assessment

When deciding to remove or retain a tree the health status of the tree is an important factor to consider.

Palm Removal Info

It is the responsibility of the land owner to ensure that either a Planning Permit is applied for, or that the exemptions from the requirement to obtain a Planning Permit are satisfied.

Emergency Storm Damage Tree Removal 24/7

We assist in situations where urgent tree removal is required, or where damaged branches pose an immediate risk to property.

Tree Removal Info

This is not always practical but generally the best time to cut trees is in the autumn/winter when at least the deciduous trees lay dormant.

Wood Chipping

Once the wood has been chipped it can be hauled away, used as bark or even spread back over the land to fertilize soil.

City of Monash Vpo

A planning permit is required to remove or destroy any vegetation, and it is the responsibility of the land owner.

Crown Reduction/Thinning

The process of crown reduction and thinning involves pruning the tree to reduce the density and the overall contour of the tree.